Thursday, August 23, 2012

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

Ah.  Killer Bunnies.

I recall picking this up at a game store that I frequented a number of years ago (before it closed its doors).

It seems innocent enough a game.  You play bunnies, buy things such as cabbage and water to feed your bunnies when the need arises, and carrots.  When the last carrot is taken, the game ends, and you randomly determine which carrot is the Magic Carrot.  The one holding the Magic Carrot is the winner.

All the while, you're trying to kill off your opponent's bunnies.  And I mean with laser guns, chain saws, green gelatin (with evil pineapple chunks!), a sea-whiz mount . . . or how about a miniature black hole?

It's a delightfully morbid little game that's a lot of laughs and has more strategy to it than it appears.  The concept to most understand in Killer Bunnies is that you have to think two turns ahead, and most cards can only be played if you have a bunny in play.

The art is colorful and comical, and there are puns and popular culture references galore (especially in the expansion sets).

If you haven't picked up the game, I strongly suggest that you do.  While there are a number of expansions, you can have plenty of fun with just the basic set.  There is a deluxe set also available, but I don't have that one (I have the original blue box that comes with the bonus yellow booster deck).

You can find more information on it at the official Killer Bunnies website.  There are also a number of other bunny-related games there.

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