Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A (Not So) Health Dose of Chaos: Memory Lane -- Progress Report #4

The third draft is almost finished.  A couple of more drafts, and it should be done.  Hopefully.  Possibly.  Potentially.

I wanted to get book three out a lot earlier, but things have been challenging lately.  I realized the last book was out in March of 2014, and I was a little shocked at myself for taking so long to get to this point.

To make up for it a little, have a look at the preliminary cover for the third book, featuring Angelica.  It features a far less plain cover than the previous ones, which I will probably convert to at the same time as releasing book three, or a little later.

I'm also going to try and get the series on DriveThruFiction.com.  Currently, it's on Smashwords.com, Kobobooks.com, Nook.com, Lulu.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, iTunes.Apple.com, Amazon.com, and many of Smashword's distributors in other markets.

As usual, spread the word, and please put a review on the site you purchased the books from, wherever it may be.

Thanks for your patience!


  1. Still waiting on an update or release. Waited plenty of time for the next one. If not seeing anything I am done with the series. Thank you for writing what you have done that are great books and a great story.

  2. Todd,

    All I can say is, "I'm sorry for the disappointment."

    Truthfully, things have been challenging lately. Nothing life-threatening, but challenging nonetheless. I use the word "challenging," because that's the best way to describe it without getting into the particulars.

    However, that's just an excuse. You and others have, indeed, waited quite a long time for the third volume: over two years. And I don't have a valid enough reason.

    If you wish to move on from the series, I can't -- and won't -- fault you for that. Why? Because I would probably voice my opinion in the same way that you have done.

    Perhaps I will release the first three chapters to as a preview of where I'm at with the book; it would be somewhat rough, but would be something. The manuscript needs hit with the editing stick multiple times, i.e. successive drafts.

    When I do say "I'm sorry for the disappointment," I truly do mean it. After all, you're a potential sale in the future, and even more than that, you're a fan who's been waiting for the next installment to see how the story continues.

    If you wish to be done with the series, all I can do is thank you for your support and patronage up until now, and that perhaps some day in the future you will give the series a second chance.

    Best wishes,