Friday, November 29, 2013

The Chaos Series Contest!

Now that Settling In has been released, I'd like your help, since the Chaos series can only succeed with help!

Therefore, I'm doing a contest, and the rules are rather simple.

If you've read through the first and/or second books, please leave a review on the site you received it from.  Make sure you leave an identifiable name (reasons below).  Above all, I want you to give a truthful review (though praising the book never hurts).

Once you have left a review, send me an e-mail (address available at my website) with the link of the review, the identifiable name you wrote it under, your real name, and mailing address.  No, your mailing address won't be shared (make sure you have your parent's permission if you're under the age if 18).

Why am I collecting addresses?  At the end of January 2014, I will pick a name at random to send a hardcover version of one of the first two books in the Chaos series (when available) to that winner.  I'm thinking about sending a softcover to another winner, but I'll have to consider that.

Also, I may be sending out some goodies (bookmarks, etc) on an irregular basis to those who I have an address on file for.  Who knows?  You may even get a pre-press copy of a future book in the mail!

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