Friday, December 4, 2020

Book 1 Revisions Will Be Live Within the Next 72 Hours!

Hello, Chaos series fans!

Revisions to Book 1, A New World, will be live on Smashwords and Amazon within the next 72 hours; both sites are currently going through the approval process.  Smashwords partners should be getting the revisions when they are pushed out as part of Smashwords's schedule.

Once again, the revisions correct some grammar, typos, and change a few lines to make them flow a little better, but in no way change the story.  Also included in the revisions is the new cover format.

If you haven't gone back and read the first book in a while, they give it a look over; you might be able to see the revisions if you look hard enough . . .

Monday, November 16, 2020

Book 1 Revisions . . . Incoming!

Hello, Chaos series fans!  I have some updates for you!


I am currently revising the first three books, and I want to let you know that revisions to Book 1: A New World will be coming out some time later this week, in eBook format, and will feature the new cover format, like Book 4.  I am also working on the revisions of Book 2: Settling In.

These revisions fix some minor things, mostly being grammatical and punctuation typos, but also altering some words in dialogue to flow (?) a little better.  Dialogue is still one of my weak points when writing, but I feel I'm getting better with each release.  The revisions also correct a congruity error earlier in the book, as well as change some objects in at least two scenes.

What I want to make clear is that this revisions DON'T affect the plot; rather, they're just to help things along.  So, if you've read the first book already, they are, technically, only corrections.


Some prospective customers may like their books in print, rather than reading an eBook, so I have been working on finalizing the print versions of Books 1 through 4.  These will be in trade paperback format (6 in. x 9 in.), and will incorporate the revisions, with the new cover format as well.

The print books will be made available once I have completed the revisions of the first three books.  I will be releasing them all at once for purchase on Amazon, and possibly on Lulu, though I will make substantially less profit at the latter.


In a tweet a while ago, I was mulling over the prospect of audio books of the series, or at least the first book.  I think I had done some recording about a year ago, but due to other factors that was put on hold.  In hindsight, this might have been a good thing, so that I can incorporate all of the revisions for the new version.

Should I make the first audio book, I would probably release it in weekly chapters on YouTube so that everyone can sample my wonderfully masculine voice.

What do you all think?


As usual, thanks for sticking with the series, and we'll see you next time!

Monday, October 19, 2020

A (Not So) Healthy Dose of Chaos: Ups & Downs -- November 1, 2020 Release!

Hello, Chaos series fans!

I've got a couple of updates here, so make sure you strap in tight! 

*    *    *

 A (Not So) Healthy Dose of Chaos: Ups & Downs will be released on November 1, 2020!

In a previous post, I wrote that it would be released towards the end of October, near Halloween.  I had to do some additional work on the book, so I just decided to release it at the beginning of November, to start the month off right.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Wow. That was fast...

Surprisingly, the proof copy of Ups & Downs arrived today.  My order form listed an arrival date of October 1, 2020.  Not that I'm complaining.

It's strange to see the series in a larger format paperback, but that's fine.  I have to admit, I like the feel of the texture of the matte cover.

At any rate, I'm hard at work doing the editing on the final draft.  Here's hoping that it goes smoothly.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

A (Not So) Healthy Dose of Chaos: Ups & Downs -- Next-to-Last Draft Finished!

Hello everyone!

The progress on Book 4: Ups & Downs has reached its pinnacle, and the next-to-last draft has been finished.

I have ordered a "proof" copy of a softcover version of Ups & Downs as that is how I prefer to do the final editing before release.