Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Pricing "Poll"

I thought there was a poll gadget on Blogger, but it looks like it was removed a while ago...


Anyway, I don't know if the pricing for the eBook versions are a good thing, or a bad thing.  I've priced them nominally to get purchasers, but it looks like it may have the opposite effect of: "If it's that cheap, then what's wrong with it?" Or, perhaps it may give the scent of desperation? (And not, I'm not desperate.)

I've seen some books going as high as $9.99, but is that the price point I should be aiming for?  One of the suggestions from the Smashwords writing guide was to offer the first book for free to get your readers hooked, then they could purchase the following ones in the series for full price.

So, what does everyone think?


Book 2 Revisions are Live! Also, paperbacks of Book 1 & 2!

Hello, Chaos series fans!

Just to let you know, revisions to Book 2 are now live!  You should be able to find them on your favorite platform in the coming days, but they should be available on Smashwords and Amazon right now!

Also, paperbacks for Book 1 & 2 will also be available when Amazon's review process is complete!  Once the edits to Book 3 are done, and a small edit to Book 4, both of those will be released as paperbacks as well.

After this post, I'll be putting up a poll about the pricing of the series, just so I can get some feedback.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Book 5 Update, Book 2 Revisions, and Paperback Copies!

Hello, Chaos series fans!

This post serves three purposes: an update on the status of Book 5, revisions to Book 2, and paperback copies.


Book 5 has been delayed due to a new job with leaves me wiped out.  I also realized that a number of things needed to be rewritten in it.  Thus, I'm pushing it off until the end of October for a release.  I think it's a spectacular book, so I hope you're anticipating it!


Revisions to Book 2 will be coming in the next day or two.  The revisions amount to a little more text, as well as correction of typos and grammar.  None of the revisions affect the story.  Right now, the Smashwords edition has been successfully uploaded, and is available as you read this, but will take a little while for the Smashwords distributors to get their updates.

The Amazon version will be available in the next day or so.


The paperback copies of Books 1 and 2 will be available within the next day or so.  I still need to finish revisions of Book 3, a very small edit of Book 4, and then continue with Book 5.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!