Saturday, August 3, 2013

Feather/Phantasms (v2013.07.01)

"My dear Anne.

I am going to to the home we discussed some time ago, up in the mountains.

The locals there consider it a haunted house. Years ago, the household went through several tragedies.

One day, everyone ended up dead.

It was rumored that the head of the household went insane, then killed all remaining members of the house, along with himself.

I feel drawn to the residence to find out what really happened. Something tells me we don't have the whole story.

I hope to have a tale of a grand adventure for you the next time we meet.

Until then, may angels watch over you.

Your Uncle."

So goes the last letter that Anne received from her uncle, a noted supernatural investigator. Twenty-year old Anne followed in his footsteps, also becoming an investigator.

It has been three weeks since she last heard from him, with no other leads to where he might be. Taking up her collection of angel feathers, she makes her way to the house that she fears her uncle is trapped in, hoping for the best . . . but preparing for the worst.


Feather/Phantasms is a mystery-horror game, with RPG-elements. Anne will fight enemies, and in standard RPG fare, her abilities will grow as she progresses through the story, finding out where her uncle is, and what really happened in the manor in the mountains.

Unique to this game is Anne's use of feathers to combat enemies, as physical attacks will do very little to the supernatural creatures she will encounter.

This game was made for the somewhat casual player: it is not very long or complicated, and can be completed in an afternoon. During her investigation, Anne will find journals that give bits and pieces of what happened in the manor, and the final fate of the household.

Additional features include a second playthrough (Extra Game), which includes additional enemies, an additional boss, costumes, and achievements.

Creator Comments

Made almost entirely in RTP for the sake of size, the game is 99% complete: that last remaining 1% is this test release. It needs playthroughs by testers to point out any glaring errors or bugs. I hope you will be kind with any comments.

I hope you enjoy playing through it!

Screen Shots

You must have RPT VX (not RPT VX Ace) installed on your system in order to play the game.  If you do not have it (or are not sure), please download it from the following link (from the official RPG Maker website)

Feathers/Phantasms Download

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